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Unwavering Commitment To Safety


Premier Demolition Services has an unwavering commitment to safety. We conduct thorough job hazard analysis pre-project, during the project, and post-project. We invest in continuous training, and promote the best corporate safety practices. The "Safety First" attitude is reflected in our track record and education practices. Our corporate safety staff holds certificates in OSHA 501, 511, 7300, 7115, 7005, and 7500.


Premier Demolition Services is dedicated to improving safety awareness and practices throughout the construction industry and actively participates as a OSHA Strategic Alliance Partner.


Not only does every crew conduct daily safety meetings, every employee is required to participate in our Safety Training  Program.  We offer the following general and specific training to every employee: 


  • OSHA 10 Hour 

  • OSHA 30 Hour 

  • First Aid and CPR 

  • Scaffold

  • Crane and Rigging

  • Forklift

  • Confined Spaces

Premier Demolition Services is a company you can trust. We handle each job with integrity, care, and skill. Our goal is to support you and provide outstanding service.  

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